HAMMER — Alle Alitalia Tickets, die mehr als 0,01€ gekostet haben, werden doch bestätigt!!!

Nachdem alle Alialia Flüge, die mit dem 242€ Alitalia Gutschein gebucht wurden, storniert wurden, weil es sich anscheinend um ein Systemfehler gehandelt hat, hat sich die Presse eingeschaltet und die Story war wirklich überall  zu lesen. Die italienische Fluggesellschaft will den guten Ruf wohl doch nicht verlieren und hat soeben über facebook verkündet, dass alle Flugtickets, die mindestens 0,01€ gekostet haben, doch nicht mehr storniert werden. Das ist sicherlich die Nachricht des Jahres für alle, die gebucht haben.

Und hier das facebook-Statement:

Thank you for the interest you took in our Facebook Global Offer. Alitalia was the first airline to create a global event of this kind for the Internet community: the most wide-ranging Alitalia promotion ever.
We offered a worldwide 25% discount, with the exception of Japan, where for technical reasons we were forced to create a unique E-Coupon worth 25.000 yen (approximately 250 euro) to be used exclusively for the purchase of flights from Tokyo or Osaka. This redemption rules were clearly stated in the Japanese version of the Facebook offer.

Unfortunately, due to a malfunction, the system did not recognize the limitation of this unique e-coupon to be used only on routes from Japan. As a result, the system erroneously allowed the voucher discount of 25,000 yen to be used on all routes in Alitalia’s global network.The news spread rapidly online and in a matter of a few hours our Japanese website reported a dramatic surge in visits and purchase requests from several geographical areas.

This unusual occurrence on the Japanese website triggered a security system alert which, considering the high percentage of number of requests at zero cost, froze all transactions. The promotion’s objective was to spur and increase the sale of tickets at a discounted price, and not to issue tickets for free or at a minimal cost.

However, since Alitalia intends to protect clients who have committed a, albeit minimal,amount with their credit card, we confirm the validity of the transactions requested on the Japanese site with a value greater than 1 euro cent. Those clients will soon receive an e-mail with their ticket.

Finally, in consideration of the great success of the promotion, we decided to extend the 25% discount offer for two additional days.

Alitalia Facebook Team

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